Fit4Duty MultiVitamin+

Key Benefits:

  • Nutritional Support: Formulated with bioavailable forms of critical nutrients. Helps avoid any deficiencies you may have in your daily diet.

  • Vitamins D3 & K2: A solid dose of both D3 and K2 typically not found in most multivitamins.

  • Supports Energy: Loaded with B vitamins and the antioxidant and heart healthy CoQ10 to combat stress and free radicals as well as enhancing your body's natural energy system.

  • Optimized Immune Function: Provides essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, D3, selenium, copper, and zinc, to optimize and strengthen your immune system.

  • Frontline and Everyday Use: Formulated and created by first responders for first responders.

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One capsule a day...

Nutritional Insurance

Elevate your daily routine with Fit4Duty – one capsule, your nutritional insurance. Designed to fill your nutritional gaps, it packs essential vitamins, minerals and more to fuel peak performance. Embrace resilience, tackle challenges, and be your best every day. Your nutrition, optimized.

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As a full-time 911 dispatcher, part-time EMT, and full-time mom this has been a game changer! Recently having switched from 15 years of overnights to days I was struggling with sleep, energy and just about everything! Taking Fit 4 Duty the last month has helped my sleep, given me the energy to work, focus and still come home and do things I need to. I’ve never found a multivitamin that has actually worked until now.


As a 21 year veteran EMT I can tell you my diet is anywhere far from perfect. Long hours and lack of sleep from the job and daily life has been a very unhealthy combination. After taking these vitamins for 1 week my biggest change is less drag fatigue feeling already. Zero abdominal upset with them so far. Knowing that I should use a vitamin to fill the gaps of nutrition this is the one I will be using. Definitely will stay on this and hope to be fit 4 duty every shift. I Love that it is a 2 month supply per bottle and not just a month. That helps a lot too. Definitely give this vitamin a try... I'm glad I am!!



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